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Here Are Some Comments Others Have Shared About Us


 "I'm just writing quickly to let you know  about our SECOND wonderful experience at The Ultrasound Zone! I wrote to  you after our first gender detection session back in 2008, where your  lovely technician was able to tell us we were having a son. This time  around was a slightly different experience. Since I already knew about  your facility prior to my pregnancy this time, I couldn't WAIT to get in  there for another gender detection ultrasound. My doctor's office does  not do a gender detection scan until the pregnancy is 20-22 weeks along,  which is very typical. Many doctors wait this long because they are  checking for other things at that time as well, and prefer to do one  scan for everything. However, gender can be detected much earlier and I  did not have the patience to wait! I scheduled my scan for the 15th week  of my pregnancy and of course people told me I was crazy. They said it  was too early to tell, and that the result could not be trusted because I  was not very far along. I expressed my concerns with your technician  prior to the scan and she assured me it would not be a problem, assuming  baby would cooperate. The images were very clear-another boy! I waited  until after my official scan at 20 weeks to send the email so that I  could provide a full and accurate testimonial and my doctor's office  confirmed what I already knew. It was indeed, a second son. We are so  happy and cannot thank you enough. For impatient people like me, finding  out the sex five weeks earlier than expected is SO worth your low  price!

Thanks Again,"
John and Noel Taylor
Granite City, IL 

 Dear Toby and Everyone at The Ultrasound Zone:

 My  husband and I recently had the opportunity to have a gender detection  session at your facility.  Upon entering your office, we were  immediately impressed.  The office is neat and aesthetically pleasing,  and the front desk staff is very friendly and polite.  We were VERY  impressed with the ultrasound room.  There is plenty of room for even a  large family to comfortably view the ultrasound, and large screens make  it easy to see every detail of the experience, regardless of where you  are sitting.  The fireplace and teddy bears, along with the large  comfortable chairs make the room cozy and inviting.  The ultrasound  technician was the utmost professional, and she was extremely friendly.   You would never guess that she does this every day!  It is clear that  she is enthusiastic about her job and really enjoys watching babies grow  and develop.  We are thrilled to know that we will be having a son, and  we can not thank you enough for your hospitality.

Noel and John
Granite City, IL  

"I want to thank you for all that you  have done.  I should’ve written back in December for letting us come in  at the last minute, after hours to find out the sex of our baby.  You  were so kind to open your doors to us and you were so understanding of  our situation with my husband, Shaun, deploying the next day! I am so  happy he was able to be with me when we found out that we were having a  boy.

 I am also going to be forever grateful to all of you for  doing a 3D/4D ultrasound two months later and having my husband see it  all the way from Afghanistan! We would have never thought it was  possible, and it wouldn’t have been without you.  I am at a loss for  words on how incredible the whole experience was to see my baby boy at  the same time as my husband.  This experience really made the pregnancy  more real by being able to see such amazing and clear images of our  baby!  I would suggest to every pregnant friend I have to definitely get  one done, it is a memory I will never forget!

When my husband  gets back in July we will definitely stop by to say hello!  Thanks again  for everything you have done for our family!  You are all great,  wonderful people!"
Karen B.